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what's wrong with our education??

by Callie Lorenzo (2018-01-19)

This piece, especially the comments of Mr. Antenori, embodies the contradictions and duplicity of the republican "populists" who use caricatures of the "elite" and "snowflake academics" to inflame resentment and fuel hatred. First, Mr. Antenori, the academia you describe has nothing to do with the academia I happen to know as a professor of Neuroscience for nearly 30 years at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and now GW School of Medicine. I have taught undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. I have interacted with faculty from Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Professional Schools. All take their work and their responsibilities seriously. All of whom I'm aware work hard. As for usefulness, don't forget that the foundations of most technology (including that for defense and weapons), as well as modern treatments for once fatal diseases come from universities that you disdain and that you believe, erroneously and conveniently, are full of "cry babies and spoiled brats". If you don't like the "cry babies and spoiled brats" I as the essay writer at suggest you go invent your own cell phone, or cure your own cancer. If you don't like students learning literature or art, go make your own movie or write your own music. I don't imagine you read much, so I won't suggest you write your own novel, Mr. Antenori. I am tired of the blatant resentment of intellect and talent, masquerading as some sort of political wisdom, that attacks the people who make our advanced society possible—that's right Mr. Antenori, the academics and their students who you deride make your superciliousness possible. The opportunities you eliminate by diminished funding to universities may prevent a young person from developing new technology to make the economy hum, or cures your potentially life ending disease, or makes the movie or TV series that gives you joy . We aren't snowflakes, Mr. Antenori, we are the foundation of the life you take for granted and callously would deny to all but a selfish few, including you.

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