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Robert Gale
John M. Bennett
F. Owen Hoffman
(*) Corresponding Author:


Therapy-related leukemia or therapy-related myeloid neoplasm are widely-used terms to designate leukemia developing in persons who previously received anti-cancer therapy (for example, see references 1, 2), especially if the prior anti-cancer therapy included drugs such as alkylators, DNA-intercalators, topoisomerase-2-inhibitors, purines and/or ionizing radiations.   Sometimes specific genes such as AML1, EVI1, NRAS or MLL are mutated by therapy or gene variants are produced which activate mutagens or interfere with DNA repair, such FANC, NQ01 or AML2. 3-5   But how can we know if AML in someone is a therapy-related?

Keywords: Therapy-related leukemia; alkylators; ionizing radiations; Topoisomerase Inhibitors; DNA Repair

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