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Vishal Vishnu Tewari
Kunal Tewari
Ritu Mehta


Dengue fever, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, Dengue shock syndrome, Thrombocytopenia



Background: Dengue is a major health issue with seasonal rise in dengue fever cases imposing an additional burden on hospitals, necessitating bolstering of services in the emergency department, laboratory with creation of additional dengue fever wards.

Objectives: To study the clinical and hematological profile of dengue fever cases presenting to a hospital.

Methods: Patients with fever and other signs of dengue with either positive NS1 antigen test or IgM or IgG antibody were included. Age, gender, clinical presentation, platelet count and hematocrit were noted and patients classified as dengue fever (DF), dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) or dengue shock syndrome (DSS). Duration of hospitalization, bleeding manifestations, requirement for platelet component support and mortality were recorded.

Results: There were 443 adults and 57 children between 6 months to 77 year age. NS1 was positive in 115 patients (23%). Fever (99.8%) and severe bodyache (97.4%) were the commonest presentation. DF was seen in 484 (96.8 %), DHF in 10 (2%) and DSS in 6 cases (1.2%). OPD treatment was needed in 412 (82%) and hospitalization in 88 (18%). Intravenous fluid resuscitation was needed in 16 (3.2%) patients. Thrombocytopenia was seen in 335 (67%) patients at presentation. Platelet transfusion was needed in 46 (9.2%). PRC transfusion was given in 3 patients with DF and 10 of DHF. Death occurred in 03 DSS and 2 DHF patients.

Conclusions: Majority of DF cases can be managed on OPD basis. DHF and DSS carry high mortality. Hospitals can analyze annual data for resource allocation for capacity expansion.


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