Treatment of relapsed/refractory CLL with Venetoclax-Rituximab during the COVID-19 pandemic: A daily-life experience in southern Italy.

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Stefano Molica
Paolo Sportoletti
Nicola Di Renzo
Pellegrino Musto
Fabrizio Pane
Francesco Di Raimondo


CLL, symptomatic COVID19 , Venetoclax-rituximab, time-limited therapy


With more than 3 million proven infections and 100.000 associated deaths in Italy, the COVID-19 pandemic poses extraordinary challenges to health-care professionals and especially to those caring for patients with haematologic malignancies  (1-2). Given the multiple   immune  defects characterizing chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), it is considered that patients with this form of leukemia have a high-risk of suffering severe forms of COVID-19 (3-4).


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