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Smart Solar Box

by willam princy (2018-02-09)

The technique that has created Smart Solar Box Review the semiconductor is the ability to change the electronic structure of silicon by adding impurities or doping. We can take one crystal and dope with phosphorus which has five electrons to the crystal and this leaves one extra electron with a negative charge or N-type crystal. Another crystal is made by adding boron which has three electrons and this leaves a hole where a fourth electron belongs so we have a P-type or positive crystal. These crystals are sliced into thin wafers and we can now put one P and one N wafer together to form our cell. This creates a unbalanced electrical situation and the extra electrons move from the n side to the p side to fill the holes. This is still unstable because the n side now has a positive charge because it has lost electrons. Eventually we have all the electrons lined up at the P-N Junction where the two wafers meet with the negative electrons lining up on the p-side and positive holes lining up along the n-side.

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