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Tinnitus 911 Review

by willam princy (2018-02-16)

Unknowingly or knowingly we Tinnitus 911 tend to hurt our ears, by listening to sounds beyond the hearing capacity of our ears. These high volume sounds will cause damage to our ears as they are very sensitive in nature. People should be aware of the sound limits that our ears can accommodate and should make sure that, we are well within the limit. In fact hearing disability has been increasing in the recent past, as people tend to hear amplified sounds and love to do it. Ear drums are first damaged, when a prolonged exposure to sounds that is well above the hearable limit. This in turn makes it difficult for them to hear sounds, and eventually would lead to a hearing disability thereby making them deaf; and certainly that is not something one would want to happen. This can be prevented, by avoiding high volume sounds and also maintaining the sound at a level that is very gentle to our ears. A simple check on the level of sound can be kept, so that we don't exceed it. Ears are very sensitive and that is why factories provide their workers with ear covers/ear plugs, to protect their ears from the high volume sounds produced by the machines that are planted there.

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